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Written by Torch Keto on May. 11, 2021
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Written by StrictionD Advanced Formula on Apr. 14, 2021
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Written by Reviews on Apr. 4, 2021
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Written by Synapse XT on Dec. 20, 2020
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Written by Quietum Plus on Dec. 18, 2020

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Written by daisyjohn on Feb. 23, 2020
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Written by daisyjohn on Feb. 23, 2020
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Written by Leptitox on Jan. 19, 2020
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Written by Bob Marcus on Dec. 1, 2015
We did! We DID!

Written by Polly Dalton on Nov. 26, 2014
You should get a gig at Hollywood slots in Bangor. Heard a country band there last Saturday and you would put them to shame.

Written by Scott K Curtis DVM on Jan. 25, 2014
What a great band and a super group of musicians. Thank you for your support at our Winslow 4th Celebration, you country-rocked it and while helping the whole performing arts program in our school district. Your dedication to social causes is to be commended - God bless you and your TEAM!!

Written by Kimma on Mar. 9, 2013
You guys are great!! Really enjoy listening to your music, and can't wait to hear you again soon.


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07.08 | 13:04

Going to be up that way Oct 9-15th...any gigs we can get out to see you?
Thanks, Chuck Jacobs (Cousin Chucky!)

18.07 | 11:47

Looking for ticket to Saturday's Booze Cruise. Any left to purchase?

27.06 | 23:00

That was fun tonight at the Whale Park. I got to see your beautiful daughter at tugboat. I really thought you would have played Have You Ever Seen the Rain. Lol

22.12 | 16:44


Jon Pardi - Dirt on my Boots and What I can't put down. :)